City of Naples, FL Utilizes Horizontal Directional Drilling with 20” Fusible PVC™ Pipe for 690LF and 3,260LF Crossings of Gordon River

city-of-naples-hddNaples is a crown jewel of Southwest Florida. Nestled on the sun drenched beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, Naples boasts one of the nation’s best sandboxes, with some of the calmest seas and challenging golf courses. The City’s Utilities Department provides water and wastewater services to over 65,000 residents and tourists within the 33 square mile service area.

As part of their mission to efficiently maintain the public water, sewer, and irrigation infrastructure, Utilities personnel teamed with CDM Smith engineers to develop a plan for pumping supplemental water from the Golden Gate Canal to the City’s 10 MGD Advanced Waste Treatment (AWT) Facility via a two mile, 20-inch PVC pipeline. This project was part of the Integrated Water Services Plan adopted in 2008 to mitigate the impact of increased irrigation that is expected to reduce available potable water by 25 percent. The raw water transmission main alignment required crossing environmentally sensitive wetlands along the Gordon River and a subaqueous crossing of the river near the AWT Facility.

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